Happy Customers Say

Our clients love Frank. If you have any work completed by Frank or 1st Coast Renovations and would like to share your story. Please email me any reviews or testimonies you may have, Thank You. It's awesome people like you that help us get the word out about 1st Coast Renovations. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 
Linda R.
"You're going to love FRANK! He's my go-to-guy for EVERYTHING!"
John D.
"Frank painted the exterior of my house at the beach a few years ago and it still looks brand new."
Kathy B.
"I had my log cabin painted by Frank and his wife, Lindsay. Looks great, I highly recommend."
Mike S.
"Frank patched some holes in my drywall, you could never tell!   Extremely satisfied!"


I recently had the pleasure of working with Frank for several home improvement projects, including installing LVP flooring, building an office, and painting the interior of my house. Frank’s professionalism, attention to detail, and expertise were truly impressive. Not only did he complete the projects in a timely manner, but the quality of his work exceeded my expectations. The LVP flooring looks flawless, the office is functional and stylish, and the paint job transformed the interior of my home. Frank’s friendly demeanor and willingness to go above and beyond to we were satisfied made the entire experience enjoyable. I highly recommend Frank for any home improvement needs, and I will definitely be reaching out to him for future projects. Thank you, Frank, for your exceptional work!
Joe Otteman


actual customer testimony

Kathy Y.

Frank White has worked several projects, in a couple of homes for my husband and me.  From pressure washing our house, driveway and pool cage to installing bathtubs, showers, laying LVP flooring, and framework. The latest project was to repair the drywall and paint the interior of our home after a slab leak and mold left us with extensive damage. Frank came out and gave us a no pressure estimate. He was very courteous, professional and gave us options on what we could do. We also expanded the scope to include removing all the popcorn ceilings, build a storage space, install ceiling lights, and replace all the baseboards! Frank was easy to work with, very courteous, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. He did a great job protecting our furniture and cleaned-up at the end of each day. I can't say enough good things about him. We recommend and will definitely be using his new company 1st Coast Renovations in the future. - Kathy Y. 


Happy Customers Say

Laura D

I hired 1st coast reno to paint some interior walls of my office building. They look beautiful.  

Rebecca L

Lindsay is wonderful! She always answered the phone and returned emails. I was never out-of-touch. Frank did an amazing job with my tile backsplash. 

 Robbie S

Frank painted my bedroom and bathroom and replaced the trim. I called him back out to paint the rest of my house and lay new laminate flooring. He did a phenomenal job!

Ashley W

Great customer service and great prices. Will hire again.  

2021 & 2024


-Crissy M.

I met Lindsay when she came over to assess my house for my insurance renewal. I had some obvious exterior damage that needed to be repaired immediately. Before she left, she handed me her husband's business card and said to give him a call. Frank was a breath of fresh air. When he said he'd come out, he came out. When he said he'd call, he'd call. When he was busy, he put me in touch his wife and she would take care of every single question and every order and would come out whenever I needed something. completely different than any other company I've ever worked with. Frank was able to remove and replace all of the siding on the right side of my home. He fixed all the rotten wood around my windows and garage door. He added another support beam to my front porch. He pressure washed and painted the exterior. He rescreened my back porch and filled in dirt up under the porch where my dogs had dug it out. He also replaced the door jamb to our laundry room so our door would properly close. I proudly recommend Franks new company, 1st Coast Renovations.

-Crissy M.