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At 1st Coast Renovations we believe your home says something about you. No matter if you're adding new spaces or renovating the ones you already have, we believe your home should be a reflection of you.  Our mission is to create beautiful transformations at an affordable cost and to help our community raise equity in their biggest investment. 

updated 2024

1st coast renovations l.l.c.

Contract Terms and Conditions:

This contract is binding upon signature. 

Quotes: Quotes do NOT include the cost of materials. Customer is responsible for supplying all materials or must provide payment to 1st Coast Renovations LLC to buy materials for you, the customer. If 1st Coast Renovations will be picking up or shopping for customers materials a convenience fee of 10% of the materials cost will be added to the final invoice. 

Scope of Work: 1st Coast Renovations will provide services as described in the attached quote and nothing more or less unless in writing and signed with a date. 1st Coast Renovations is not responsible for disposal of ANY job materials. If customer would like company to dispose of materials, a dump fee will be assessed and applied, (minimum dump fee is $150). 1st Coast Renovations reserves the right to refuse any customers dump request for any reason. 1st Coast Renovations will provide all services, labor, tools, and equipment needed for completion of the quote in its entirety. Customer is responsible for all Material costs to their project. 

Scope of Work: Pressure Washing: as part of an exterior paint job, the following are NOT included: screened in enclosures, sidewalks/walkways/pathways, driveways or the roof. Pressure washing consists of the body of the house that is to be painted. Windows and doors attached to the structure of the home will be included. Attached garages will include the front door, windows and all sides. If additional pressure washing is desired by customer, additional fee will be discussed and verbally agreed upon and an invoice will be sent upon completion. If you would like add-ons after a project has started an additional contract will be signed before work will begin. If there is a delay in work progress due to a "customer situation" an additional fee may apply. 

Payment Terms:  A down payment of 40% is due upon acceptance of the quote, to be paid the same day company arrives to start work. The balance of the contract is due the day of project completion. Material invoices, if any, will be added to the final invoice. Final invoices will be sent to the email provided the morning of completion and is to be paid the day work is completed. Smaller installment payments may be required for jobs located outside the city limits of Jacksonville, or if project will take longer than 2 weeks to complete. Discounts and coupons will be applied to total. We accept the following payment types, Cash and Cashier's Check. Debit and Credit Cards are accepted and processed through Bank of America, they charge a fee for use. If you are paying in person using our card reader, the fee is 2.65% + .10 cents/per transaction. If you want to pay over the phone (not in person) the fee is 3.5% + .15cents/per transaction. We use Bank of America credit card processing service. 

Materials: Customer is responsible for all costs of materials for the job. If customer has 1st Coast Renovations shop or pick up supplies; 10% of your materials total will be added to the invoice for time, gas and mileage. Company will provide tools and service. 

Change Order: Any deviation from the above quote involving a change in the scope of work or any additional costs will be an additional quote that needs to be signed before work is completed, if quote is not signed that work will remain uncompleted. If there is an excessive delay in work progress caused by customer, an additional fee may be applied. 1st Coast Renovations holds the right to cancel this contract at any time.

Warranty: 1st Coast Renovations warrants all work will be performed in a safe, respectful and workmanlike manner. Any warranties for parts or materials are subject to manufacturer terms on such products.

Conditions: This quote is valid for 30 days. Company reserves the right to withdraw this proposal at any time. Any quote signed after 30 days is void. 

1st Coast Renovations reserves the right to use any photos of any work we do for advertising purposes, unless told otherwise through writing before the work is completed. 

Thank You So Much for considering 1st Coast Renovations for your home improvement needs. We look forward to working with you. 

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